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I'll help you transform insight and inspiration into the positive change you need to reach your goals both personally and professionally.

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As a Certified Professional Coach, Registered Yoga Teacher and successful corporate and securities lawyer, Jennifer brings a unique combination of compassion, understanding and skill to her coaching practice.


A high-achiever at heart, Jennifer followed her passion for law and was accepted into law school at the age of 21, after completing only two years of her undergraduate studies. It was at this time that Jennifer was also diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. She was even told that she'd likely be in a wheelchair within a year.


Ever determined, Jennifer took matters into her own hands. She changed her diet, exercise regimen and overall lifestyle. Overcoming arthritis as well as endometriosis ignited a new passion in Jennifer's life − wellness and the drive to help others.


With over 340 hours of training in professional coaching, Jennifer now works to help people find a consistent balance that brings wellness into their personal and professional lives and ultimately, helps them achieve a richer, better life.




with the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching and the International Coaching Federation with over 340 hours of training completed in the U.S. and Canada.


TEACHER with the Yoga Alliance and has completed over 200 hours of training and has taught classes throughout Canada and the U.S. including in Palm Desert, California, Washington, D.C., Lake Louise, Alberta, Orlando, Florida and Quebec City.


15+ YEARS' EXPERIENCE IN CORPORATE AND SECURITIES LAW, current Assistant Vice-President and Senior Counsel for a leading financial services firm and a graduate from the University of Windsor Faculty of Law. Jennifer also obtained her U.S. Bar in Massachusetts in 2014.


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